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Further Hope Community Support Ltd. was founded in September 2012, by a small number of people who had come to Australia from refugee backgrounds. They are so grateful for the support they received as they settled in a new country with an unfamiliar culture, that they have made it their business to help others in need and to plant seeds of love and hope in the community.

At first, the organisation was an incorporated association under the trading name of Logan Residents Care Inc.

In 2012, the organisation started a homework program to help children with additional education needs whose parents couldn’t help at home.

In 2013, the organisation helped 28 young people from refugee and other backgrounds to form soccer clubs and run competitions.

During 2014 and 2015, the organisation reconsidered its mission and name. At the 2015 AGM, its name was changed for Further Hope Community Support Ltd and the organisation’s legal structure became company limited by guarantee.

Subsidiary organisations have now been established in Kenya and Burundi: Further Hope Community Support (Kenya) and Further Hope UMWIZERO (Burundi) will deliver in-country support, with a particular focus on alleviating poverty and its effects in East Africa. Read more about our governance training in Kenya and Burundi.

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